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Traditional Yorkstone crafted by Traditional Methods

Greens Natural Stone Products are a small, skill-based company (rather than technology-based) of some 25-plus years experience in the Yorkstone industry.
Producing Yorkstone material right across the spectrum - from dry walling stone to finely-carved masonry, mainly in Yorkstone from our own quarry. We do use other stones but only indigenous materials and mainly where required for restoration work. We are Yorkstone producers rather than stone merchants and any product supplied by us has been made by us.

Yorkstone - quarried & worked in a traditional way

masonry pieces
Working with Carver and Sculptor, John Hargreaves, Yorkstone produces fine masonry pieces
 Sawn Stone
sawn Yorkstone
Extremely dense Yorkstone without natural strata.
Fine-grained, durable & precision cut
 Riven Stone
riven stone
Riven Yorkstone is cleaved along natural bedding planes in the rock and produces a textured finish