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Traditional Yorkstone crafted by Traditional Methods

For a more formal look, sawn paving is ideal. It can be close-jointed and has a smooth finish.
Unlike the rougher surface of riven Yorkstone, sawn stone paving is smooth across the surface, being honed after cutting. Depending on the original Yorkstone slabs from which it is cut, the pavings can still exhibit the character of the rock, or can be more uniform.

sawn yorkstoneThe Yorkstone paving stones are more uniform in size and, being sawn along all edges, can be laid precisely and with very narrow joints - ideal for flooring.

The sawn and honed surface can be sealed, even given a 'wet' look, making it popular for indoor areas such as kitchens, as well as for exterior surfaces.

Sawn Yorkstone for paving & flooring

 sawn stone paving